Richard Herman and his team of architects are the single most detailed individuals I have met.  Everything was well thought out and under budget.  I recommend them highly.

Happy customer.


Project Analysis/Feasibility Studies

We help you with the project analysis to transform your needs into a specific program. This program is the culmination of the analysis of data provided and the existing conditions. This includes the analysis of your objectives, building functions and unique activities, space requirements for each room and their relation to associated adjacencies, specific requirements for your project’s mechanical, electrical and structural systems, site constraints and development requirements, and design and planning considerations.
The program is used to conduct the feasibility of your Project which includes site feasibility assessment, discretionary/entitlement permit processing, entitlement research, code analysis and presentation of your Project to governmental agencies.

Our project analysis typically involves a review of the following issues:

  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Utilities
  • Project cost